Achieving Health Equity – One Policy at a Time (Webinar)

September 22, 2016

This webinar will discuss how the department used policy and administrative levers to make this change. Analysts who reviewed the proposed bills received in-person training and a resource guide to consider individuals and groups that are likely to be affected by proposed legislation based on disabilities, education, employment, race, ethnicity and other social and economic determinants of health. In 2016, the department tracked nearly 750 pieces of proposed legislation. Analysts assessed the impact of policies on health disparities by providing a strong, medium or weak rating, which was then used to determine the department’s position for a proposed bill. To strengthen analysts’ responses in the future, the department evaluated the 2016 responses and surveyed analysts to learn about the effectiveness of the trainings and resources; senior leaders were also interviewed. The feedback provided will be used to revise training and tools as part of a quality improvement process. Some potential revisions being considered include: expanding search terms used to select legislation to track; applying a health equity lens when the health department develops its own proposed legislation and administrative codes; and giving examples of strong versus weak responses from analysts when answering questions related to health inequities while reviewing a particular proposed legislation.

Presenters will: 1) Describe components of a “health equity lens” used to analyze proposed state legislation; 2) Articulate opportunities and challenges to applying a “health equity lens”; and 3) Share examples of training and resource materials.

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Achieving Health Equity – One Policy at a Time (Webinar)

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