We expect more than 1,700 attendees for a one-of-a-kind intensive, coalition-specific training opportunity.CADCA coalitions represent power through people. CADCA coalitions achieve progress through passion and persistence. As the leader of the substance abuse prevention movement, CADCA continues to generate training events that empower coalitions to achieve long-term social change in their local communities, states, and the nation.
A principal goal of CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute is to provide in-depth, skills-building training courses that allow for concentrated instruction, group practice, and knowledge application – the kind of adult learning experience that is the hallmark of CADCA events. In keeping with the year-long theme of The Power of the Movement, CADCA will deliver courses that equip coalitions with the necessary tools to “Stand Up”, “Speak Out”, and “Take Action” to make lasting changes around substance use and abuse.