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Evidenced-Based and Emerging Best-Practices for the Treatment of Individuals with Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health Problems and Other Health Related Conditions

Jan 01, 1970 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

This one-day, interactive workshop will provide participants with an overview of evidenced-based treatment principles and emerging best-practices for the treatment of individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders, mental health problems and other health related conditions. Through a combination of didactic presentation, group exercises, and participant self-reflection, workshop attendees will explore the systemic and attitudinal barriers that have historically contributed to low rates of engagement, high-rates of treatment drop-out, and poor treatment outcomes for this population.

This workshop will introduce participants to different models for integrating care-delivery. Special emphasis will be paid to helping workshop participants understand how practitioner attitudes and beliefs about abstinence, self-help, and medication assisted treatment impact treatment effectiveness and client retention rates. The use of real-world examples will augment a review of the core principles of client-centered and recovery-oriented care. This workshop will also review the clinical and medical risks known to be associated with various combinations of co-occurring conditions, and the strategies that can be employed to reduce these risks. The registration fee is $60.