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Improving Outcomes for Transgender Patients: Roles and Opportunities for Health and Human Service Providers in Their Communities

Jan 01, 1970 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Early identification of gender non-conformity for children and teens can be lifesaving. This is a population with so much resiliency and yet so much to lose, with some of the highest rates of suicide, homelessness, and HIV. Since many of our transgender patients identify in their youth, screening, identification, and intervention are an opportunity pediatricians Рand our patients Рcannot afford to ignore.  Developmental paradigms and approaches to gender non-conforming prepubertal children will be discussed, focusing on:

  • screening and options for early identification
  • early intervention with puberty blockers
  • helping parents support their gender non-conforming child

Understanding gender non-conforming adolescents and young adults will be another main topic, focusing on exploring options for care for both primary and specialty care of transgender youth with an eye toward health outcomes, as well as understanding the role of GnRH agonists and gender hormones for transgender adolescents.

Registration: $59