Local Policy & Development Training

July 28, 2016

Goals: M+R overarching goals are to provide community partners that are funded by the Partnership for Success with a tangible, bite-sized approach to local policy change with clear timelines, benchmarks, tools and coaching.

Training Objectives:
• M+R will provide grantees with a small number of specific local policy options to bring back to their communities for further exploration and action. These options will include examples that may be adapted to cover marijuana or copied wholesale if they are a perfect fit.
• M+R will walk grantees through a series of action planning tools to support specific activities they will be encouraged to pursue over the next six months.
• M+R will establish, with grantees, a realistic timeline with key benchmarks to be achieved over a six month period with the ultimate goal being the introduction of a local policy proposal, led by a community partner or local official by the end of the six months.

Location: Warwick Public Library

Register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GTYeqbAiNT7xa50IFlWnWigz0jjU-YmMpIX6ve-EjIM/viewform?usp=send_form

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