Means of Violence - A Workshop

December 19, 2014

The Institute of Medicine's Forum on Global Violence Prevention will convene a workshop on December 18-19, 2014 focusing on the means or methods used to commit self-directed and interpersonal violent acts that result in life-threatening events or death, including firearms, pesticides, and other lethal means. The workshop will explore variations in the global characteristics, contexts, and social determinants of the lethal means of violence and synergistic opportunities to utilize and apply the similarities in effective approaches to restricting access and addressing the demand. Other issues for illumination include youth possession and acquisition of lethal means; the relationship between alcohol, lethal means and violence; the roles of technology for prevention or mitigation of violence committed through lethal means; and the identification of the value of partnerships among multiple sectors and stakeholders to prevent or reduce violence committed by lethal means.

The Keck Center of the National Academies, Room 100
500 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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