Promoting Walkability: Creating Safe and Active Neighborhoods

April 5, 2016

What does it mean for a community to be "walkable" and how can we create neighborhoods that are safe, active, accessible and vibrant? Find out at this training geared towards Community Development Corporation staff, planners, architects, public health advocates, municipalities and other community groups that will help explain the basics of how to design development projects and advocate for neighborhoods that promote walking and active living.

This training will include a walking component in the neighborhood where we will explore issues of walkability firsthand!

Topics to be covered include

  • The characteristics and benefits of a walkable community
  • Engaging and working with residents around walkability
  • Integrating walkability into a development project
  • An overview of how to conduct a walk assessment of a neighborhood
  • Resources and opportunities for community groups and municipalities to promote more walkable neighborhoods

Register and more info: 

Codman Square Health Center
637 Washington Street
Black Box Theater
Dorchester, MA 02124

Promoting Walkability: Creating Safe and Active Neighborhoods

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