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Radical Possibility —Making the Impossible Possible

Jan 01, 1970 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Radical Possibility – Making the Impossible Possible will be a 32-hour high energy, super fun, total immersion experience in the state of possibility – that state of mind, body, emotions and spirit beyond the imprisoning confines of our accumulated fear-based limiting beliefs about ourselves, our world and what’s possible.  Participants will leave with a fully established, felt context for the state of possibility imprinted in their bodies and with practices and keys for accessing that state at will. If you would like to break free, once and for all, from this prison of your own fear-based conditioning and step into the creative fire of possibility where all the joy and passion in life awaits you, or at least make a major shift in that direction, this is the training for you.   Fleet doesn’t disappoint and will hold nothing back in service of facilitating powerful beneficial change for everyone willing to give it shot.   Come to this training and play full out, whatever that means for you, and your life need never be the same again.