VAPING: Facts a parent must know to keep kids safe

April 13, 2016

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems are the newest trend in youth substance use and, unfortunately, the majority of kids see them as a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. This workshop will give parents the facts they need to know to reverse this trend and keep their kids safe.

What you’ll learn:

  • History of vaping devices
  • Effect of nicotine on the adolescent brain
  • How e-cig companies are targeting our teens
  • Vaping devices recently confiscated in local schools
  • How vaping devices are used to ingest concentrated forms of marijuana
  • Industrial chemicals detected in vaping liquids


  • Heidi Driscoll, South Kingstown Prevention Partnership Coordinator, has given workshops on vaping to parents, locally and nationally.
  • Officer Scott Sullivan, Portsmouth Police Department
  • Officer Liam Black, Tiverton Police Department

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VAPING: Facts a parent must know to keep kids safe

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