What Do YOU Want to Know About Self-Injury?

March 1, 2016

Screening for Mental Health (SMH) is hosting a FREE webinar that will address many of the concerns and questions that school staff have about self-injury among students. In the numerous trainings and webinars that SMH has hosted, audiences consistently provide feedback that they’d like to know more about self-injury.

We are pleased to offer a webinar with self-injury expert Janis Whitlock on National Self-Injury Awareness Day, March 1 at 11 a.m. Because this topic is in such high demand, we have decided to take a unique approach to this webinar. When registering for the webinar, there will be a section in which you are asked to share a specific topic surrounding self-injury about which you want to know more. We will look at the responses, and Ms. Whitlock will tailor her content about the most popular topics.

Ms Whitlock will start with some basics, such as:

* Why some young people engage in self-injurious behavior
* Why self-injury can easily become contagious in a school
* How your school can manage students who self-injure and prevent contagion
* How to advise parents to work with students who self-injure
* New training opportunities available for non suicidal self-injury


What Do YOU Want to Know About Self-Injury?

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