Youth Tobacco Resources

CDC: Youth and Tobacco Use

CDC provides information on current estimates, associated factors and prevention World-No-Tobacco-Day-5-30-13_1activities for reducing youth tobacco use.

Legacy for Health

Legacy was established in 1999 as part of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) between the major tobacco companies, 46 US states, the District of Columbia and five US territories. The states requested that a portion of the money they received from the tobacco industry be used to establish and fund an organization (Legacy) primarily dedicated to studying and providing public education about the impact of tobacco in order to reduce its use and associated death and disease.

Rhode Island Data Brief: Kids at Risk (2011 RI High School Health Risks)

The purpose of this brief is to (1) identify unfavorable risk factors among RI high schoolers, (2) to see how RI students compare to their peers across the country, (3) to see if RI risks have improved or worsened over time, (4) to see if there are any gender differences in risks, and (5) to see if there is any difference in risks by grade level.

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