M+R Webinar: Local Approaches to Addressing Health Promotion and Substance Use

Local Approaches to Addressing Health Promotion and Substance Use
In this 2 hour webinar led by Lori Fresina and Diane Pickles of M+R, we will explore the decision-making policy structures available for local policy and how to get started on a local policy campaign. M+R will share specific tools for participants to take back home to conduct critical research, build a robust coalition, identify a local policy goal, and get their campaigns started with a 90 day action plan.

Webinar Objectives:
1. Gain a high level understanding of community policy strategies that can be used to address health promotion, substance use and key RI priority problems including: youth marijuana use, and underage tobacco and alcohol use.
2. Understand the various decision-making/policy structures available on the local level (i.e. city council, school board);
3. Gain an understanding of the types of local research and data collection that are essential to gather related to people, place, and power and how to gather that information;
4. Share a tool for selecting a local policy goal;
5. Identify individuals and organizations from the local community that can be recruited to the campaign (coalition mapping); and
6. Provide a framework for 90 day action planning, focused on research, coalition building, and policy goal identification

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