Training will equip individuals to use the STARS national survey to collect tobacco product
observational data in their community retail settings. The STARS survey focuses on tobacco
product price, promotion, flavor, and placement of specific brands of cigarettes, little cigars,
cigarillos, snus, snuff, electronic cigarettes, dissolvable tobacco and other tobacco products. The
collected survey information will educate community decision makers as to the prevalence of
tobacco products in retail settings and to the importance of limiting youth access to these deadly
products. This training will assist those in southern RI who are interested in training members in
their own communities to collect data using the STARS survey. The training also serves a dual
purpose and will train both youth and/or adult community members to become STARS data collectors.
Training is provided by the RI Department of Health and coordinated by
Tobacco Free RI. For more info, call 401-533-5176.

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