Charles Williams and Elizabeth Kretchman, BHDDH

BHDDH Prevention Team

Charles Williams, Associate Director and Elizabeth Kretchman, Prevention Coordinator
Prevention Focus: Student assistance, coalitions, and grant management

In this interview, Charles and Elizabeth talk about the development of the new center for prevention resources in Rhode Island and their vision for prevention in the state.

BHDDH Prevention Team: Charles Williams and Elizabeth Kretchman

The recently developed Rhode Island Prevention Resource Center (RIPRC) and its recently launched website ( are new and exciting endeavors for BHDDH. How did the RIPRC initiative come about?

Over the last several years, BHDDH noticed an increasing gap in the overall prevention infrastructure in RI and recognized the need to develop training and technical assistance opportunities for prevention providers to build their capacity and their workforce.

How will RIPRC support prevention providers and their community partners across the state?

RIPRC will work with prevention providers to identify areas where staff need additional training or support. RIPRC will develop programs and strategic plans to help providers address these areas. Additionally, RIPRC will provide consultation and technical assistance to providers on program planning, implementation and evaluation strategies, and will facilitate application of SAMHSA’s Service to Science methods. will be one-stop shopping for prevention providers offering: resources, trainings, links, websites, funding opportunities, and a place to share local community activities.

To close, as seasoned prevention providers, what aspects of prevention work are most inspiring to you?

Elizabeth – The potential of prevention to support the healthy development of Rhode Island youth and help create positive and supportive communities is inspiring!

Charles – The possibility of people coming together to address individual and community concerns and find ways to build healthier individuals and communities.

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