MENtal Health

Equipping Young Men with Healthy Habits
Young folks in our We Think Twice™ Insider community say that we need to talk more about men’s mental health. Experts agree that young people struggle to know when to ask for help, and men ask for help less frequently than other genders.

Even for those young men who do seek help, there are not many places online where they can find expert-informed tips, practices, and resources. To address this need, We Think Twice™ introduces the (Men)tal Health Listicle. This web page can help you start and sustain conversations about mental health with your program participants. Help the young men you serve:
• understand that mental health challenges are normal and not a sign of weakness;
• recognize when they may need to seek help;
• develop strategies for managing their own mental health; and
• find resources on related topics like challenges facing LGBTQ+ youth, substance abuse, disordered eating, and more.

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In the event of a mental health or substance use crisis, call to connect with a licensed counselor, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bilingual support and medications to assist with recovery are available.

401.414.LINK (5465)