Dangers of teen vaping topic of Portsmouth forum

East Bay RI, April 15, 2016
In this article, Portsmouth, RI educates the community about the risks of e-cigs and vaping.

Youngster who vape have no shortage of products to choose from, and they come in three basic categories, according to Heidi Driscoll, coordinator for the South Kingstown Prevention Partnership.

E-cigs are relatively inexpensive ($10) and come in both disposable and reusable form. Some are rechargeable — users can plug them into a computer using a USB cord — and have flavored cartridges. There are also e-cigars, e-hookahs and e-shishas. Some of the elaborate design schemes make it clear that the manufacturers are targeting youngsters, say critics.

Vaporizers: These do the best job in concealing both the products with which you fill them — called “e-liquids” — as well as the odor they produce.

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