RI PREVCON 2019 Keynote Address

Marisa Silveri, 2019

Marisa M. Silveri, PhD, has been studying the neurobiology of brain development and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse using preclinical and clinical models for over two decades. During her keynote address at RI PREVCON 2019, she presented an overview of her current work which uses non-invasive magnetic resonance techniques to examine brain structure, function, and neurochemistry, focusing on consequences of alcohol use and abuse. Dr. Silveri’s work examines neurobiological measures relative to cognitive ability and clinical indicators of mood, anxiety, and impulsivity across healthy adolescent, emerging adult, and adult cohorts, and those with addictions and co-occurring psychiatric illnesses. Dr. Silveri is a recipient of awards from the Research Society on Alcoholism and the College of Problems on Drug Dependence. She has received NIH funding from the NIAAA, including two R01s focusing on the impact of alcohol use on adolescent brain development and the neurobiological consequences of binge drinking in emerging adults.

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