The Varied Forms, Potency, and Health Effects of Today’s Cannabis

Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network, October 2019

Slide banks for prevention professionals to use in marijuana prevention and education work in their communities. The purpose of these slide banks is to provide prevention providers with researched and vetted tools they can feel confident in using in their marijuana prevention presentations.

“The Varied Forms, Potency, and Health Effects of Today’s Cannabis” covers the many forms of marijuana products, as well as trends in potency, and known health impacts.

Use: You can provide these slide banks as a stand-alone presentation or integrate them into a presentation including local data, trends, and strategies for marijuana prevention. Each slide bank includes presenter notes to guide the speaker on presenting the information contained in the slides.  The slide banks also include the references to all of the literature used to source the information presented.

NOTE: Please do not alter any of the slides. If you need additional information, please contact the New England PTTC:  or (207) 626-3615

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