State Legislation/Laws

Health and Family Life Courses [Section 16-22-18]

This legislation states that secondary schools that teach sex education shall include abstinence as the preferred method of pregnancy prevention and that parents may exempt their children from taking this course. read more

Substance Abuse Prevention Act [Section 16-21.2]

The legislation aims to promote substance abuse prevention programs throughout municipalities in Rhode Island. read more

Smoking in Schools [Section 23-20.9]

This health legislation looks to eliminate the exposure of children in schools and those who work in schools to tobacco smoke and to create a tobacco-free school environment in Rhode Island. read more

The Rhode Island Student Assistance Junior High/Middle School Act [Section 16-21.3]

This document outlines methods which schools employ to prevent the onset of substance use in middle school students. read more

Performance Enhancing Dietary Supplements and High School Athletes [CHAPTER 16-21.4]

This document outlines policies and procedures related to performance-enhancing dietary supplements in Rhode Island, including a definition of performance-enhancing dietary supplements and coach education related to the supplements. read more

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