Evidence Based Practice Application Feedback Form

This application process has been developed by the Governor’s Council on Behavioral Health’s Prevention Advisory Committee’s Evidence Based Practices Workgroup (EBP-W). The EBP-W was convened to: (1) develop guidelines for ascertaining whether a given practice, policy or program meets existing standards for evidence-based practice in behavioral health; and (2) identify a process by which an innovative or locally developed behavioral health practice, policy or program can be designated as an evidence-based practice in RI.

Once an application is received, it will be reviewed for completeness by a staff member of the EBP-W. It will be forwarded to the EBP-W to schedule a review of the application by a panel with expertise in the behavioral health condition targeted by the practice, researchers as well as peers who have experience with implementing practices.

Once the review is completed, the expert panel will provide a recommendation to (1) recognize the practices at either Level 2 – Evidence Based Practices from Peer Reviewed Journals/Research Literature or Level 3 – Evidence Based Practices/Other Evidence of Effectiveness/Innovation, (2) request further information to complete the review, or (3) decline to recognize the practices as evidence based at the current time. Written feedback will be provided from the expert panel to the applicant regardless of the recommendation.

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