FEND Rhode Island Pilot Report

Preventum Initiative, January 2020

FEND (Full Energy, No Drugs) is a different kind of drug education and prevention campaign that combines evidence-based research, gamification, and rewards. FEND focuses on building resiliency and changing attitudes and knowledge around opioids (prescription painkillers, heroin an fentanyl) and other commonly misused prescription medications (such as Benzodiazepines). FEND is about empowering rather than preaching. FEND received a SOR grant to run a pilot program in Rhode Island aimed at 15 to 18-years-olds, and this report provides an in-depth look at the stellar results of the FEND Rhode Island campaign. The significant advancement in knowledge, attitudes and beliefs expressed by the participants confirm the efficacy of delivering evidence-based, gamified primary prevention and education campaigns on a smartphone app. The results and insights from this campaign will be used as a foundation to establish a sustainable FEND campaign in Rhode Island in the coming months and it’s our aim that through quality insight and sound information, we will furnish our young people with building blocks for a brighter future.

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