Recorded RIDE Distance Learning Series Webinar – Self Care for Educators

Rhode Island Department of Education in Collaboration with the Rhode Island Prevention Resource Center, December 21, 2020

This is the fifth webinar in the RIDE Distance Learning Series. This webinar was presented by Stacy Perin (The Spurwink School).

There has been much discussion about the impact that COVID19 has had on students and families for several months. Recently, there has been more acknowledgement about the impact that COVID19 and distance learning has had on educators. So much has been out of our control, and we have had to “pivot” and “pivot” again, as we receive new information. We also have had to navigate through the many unknowns while still providing educational services for students. This can lead to feelings of powerlessness and anxiety. One healthy way that we can take back some of our power is by prioritizing self-care. This training will review the importance of self-care and some self-care options. In addition, the presenter will share information about how anxiety manifests itself in the classroom. Understanding self-care and the impact that anxiety has on the behaviors that we see in students will help educators to discern what is and isn’t within their control.

You can view the webinar recording here.

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In the event of a mental health or substance use crisis, call to connect with a licensed counselor, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bilingual support and medications to assist with recovery are available.

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