Overdose Prevention Creatives from HEZ

Pawtucket Central Falls Health Equity Zone, 2019 The Pawtucket and Central Falls HEZ recently had some overdose prevention creatives designed, and we thought it might


Smoke Alarm

Product of the Tiverton and Little Compton Prevention Coalitions

President Obama and Macklemore: Conversation about Addiction

What You Told Us About

Here are some fact sheets/resources on different health related topics. What You Told Us About: - Drug and Alcohol - Injury - Mental Health -

Chariho Information Booklet

This resource was sent to every address within Charlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond.

Open House - Secure your Meds

NPP - Informing realtors and homeowners about the importance of locking up medication before an open house.

#NoBrainer Ad

The BAY Teams ad in their local theater companies program booklet.

Prescription Drug Newspaper Ads

Three examples of advertisements addressing the harm and access of prescription drugs. Created by the Chariho Task Force

Marijuana Regulations in Vermont

Suicide Proof Your Home

Printable Brochure RI DOH

3rd Annual ZOMBIE WALK

Don't miss out on the DOH's 3rd Annual Zombie Walk More information to come!

Preventing a bad trip: Marijuana Related Injury in the Era of Retail Pot