Recorded Webinars/ Presentation Slides

Support for Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention through the Lens of Resilience

Belinda Biscoe, November 15, 2019 This presentation was delivered at the Integrating Primary and Behavioral health Care through the Lens of Prevention conference. read more

Integration and Prevention’s Role: The Oz at the End of the Yellow Brick Road

Integrating Primary and Behavioral Health Care Conference Plenary Panel, November 2019 Presentation slides from the IPBHC conference plenary panel. read more

Presentation slides from the 2019 New England Summer School of Addiction Studies Marijuana Policy Plenary session: The Evolution of State Cannabis Policies and Where Prevention Fits In

Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network, October 2019 Presentation description: Cannabis laws and policies are rapidly changing in states. Various decriminalization, medical marijuana, and adult-use marijuana policies are being debated and moving through state... read more

2019 NPN Conference Presentations

National Prevention Network Conference, September 2019 Presentation materials from the 2019 NPN Conference have been posted to the conference website and can be accessed here. read more

Marijuana Use, Effects, and Public Health Implications

Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University & Providence VA Medical Center, 2019 Click the link to view the slides from a recent presentation delivered by Jane Merik, Ph.D.   read more

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In the event of a mental health or substance use crisis, call to connect with a licensed counselor, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bilingual support and medications to assist with recovery are available.

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