Complete Application to be Deemed an Evidence-based Practice

Rhode Island Evidence-based Practice Workgroup, 2022

An evidence-based practice (EBP) is one that is based in research and shows evidence of effectiveness under a particular set of circumstances. The term “practice” is synonymous with “program, intervention or strategy” in this context. The goal of seeking recognition as an evidence-based practice for behavioral health is to create and sustain outcomes attributed to a practice. Many funders promote use of evidence-based practice(s) (EBPs) because it is believed that their effects are known and can be replicated. In addition, they may want to preserve scarce resources which might otherwise be directed towards developing practices which are untested and for which outcomes are less certain. The type of evidence and the relative strength of the evidence may differ based on the fidelity to the practice, culture, context and population targeted.

An evidence-based practice application process has been developed by the Governor’s Council on Behavioral Health’s Prevention Advisory Committee’s Evidence-based Practices Workgroup (EBP-W). The EBP-W was convened to: (1) develop guidelines for ascertaining whether a given practice, policy or program meets existing standards for evidence-based practice in behavioral health; and (2) identify a process by which an innovative or locally developed behavioral health practice, policy or program can be designated as an evidence-based practice in RI. Please utilize this application to be recognized as evidence-based practice addressing behavioral health in the state of Rhode Island if your strategy, practice or program is an innovation or locally developed and not currently on a federal registry of best practices.

The complete application includes the following components:
1) Application Cover Letter
2) Application (editable when downloaded)
3) Definitions of EBP Levels
4) Appendix: Resources
5) Feedback Form

The application can be accessed here.

The application cover letter, definitions of EBP levels, resources appendix, and feedback form can be accessed here.

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